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Reception  Mrs Gallagher 

Information for Reception Parents and Carers - Autumn Term 2018

Religious Education: The children will come to know that God loves each one of us always and at all times. They will learn that a Church is a special place where God’s people gather to pray and that Sunday is a special day for the Church family. They will begin to recognise and experience prayer as talking and listening to God.


Personal, Social and Emotional Development: This half term we will be ensuring your child is happy and settled into Reception. They will be developing their social interactions - building relationships with both their peers and staff. They will become familiar with, and learn to follow, the daily rules and routines such as the Good to be Green behaviour chart, what to do at lunchtimes and how to use the different areas of the learning environment etc.  We want the children to become independent and active learners and, with your support, encourage them to hang their coats up, put away their book bags and put their packed lunch boxes on the trolley etc. by themselves.  


You will all receive a home learning book. This will have some examples of activities that can be done at home but it is also an opportunity for you to put pictures or write about things that your child does outside of school. More information will follow with the book.


Communication and Language: To promote speaking and listening, we will provide opportunities for your child to share their ideas, interests and to develop new vocabulary. Children will be invited to take part in show and tell during their observation week. You will be notified of this the week before. We will be developing negotiation skills during play and learning how to express our feelings and emotions appropriately. Please support your child by encouraging them to speak in sentences and to extend the sentences by using ‘because’ to explain their ideas and thinking.  The best way to teach this is to model it regularly when talking yourselves and by asking your child to answer why questions.


Physical development: PE Days - Monday & Thursday. On these days, your child will need their PE kits.


We will begin teaching the cursive handwriting script we use throughout the school and you will receive a copy to help support your child at home. You will be notified in the weekly letters that come home which sounds we are learning that week. Children benefit from practising their writing in large movements before using pens or pencils. You could practise letters outside using chalk, paintbrushes and water on the ground and using a magic wand in the air etc. It is important to talk about how the letter is formed - we will give more guidance on this, as and when we teach a new letter. We will prepare your child to use the correct pencil grip to write. In order to be physically ready to write, your child will need to build up the strength in their muscles. We will be sending home ideas on how you can continue these exercises at home.


Literacy: We will be promoting a love of books and provide lots of daily opportunities to read different types of texts. This could be a menu, birthday card, information leaflet etc. This will also help children to understand that information can be relayed in the form of print.  Your child is encouraged to take home a bedtime story every night; this should be changed each morning when you bring your child to school. Once all the children have started, they will begin to receive a reading book that has been chosen by the class teacher.

In writing this half term, we will be focusing on making sure your child can write their name and that they begin to form recognisable letters.  Please encourage your child when writing their name to only use a capital letter for the first letter. By the end of the autumn term your child should be able to write CVC words such as cat, dog etc. and begin writing captions such as ‘the cat sat on a mat.’

Mathematics: This term we will focus on counting reliably and recognising numbers. You can help your child by providing ‘real opportunities’ for counting and problem solving. Perhaps when laying the table for dinner you could ask your child how many plates there will be on the table if you add one more. Or if your child is playing a football game perhaps they could estimate how many goals their team will score. The children will be introduced to and will develop their mathematical language such as ‘one more’ and ‘estimating’.


Understanding the World: This term we will be looking at the children’s interests. The children have shown an interest in animals and planting.


Expressive arts & design: Do you have any small cardboard boxes, yogurt pots or lids from milk bottles? We would also love any loose parts that we could use, such as buttons, sticks, stones, and any other natural objects which can be manipulated in different ways. We would be very grateful if you could bring these into school in order for us to construct with a purpose in mind, using a variety of different resources this term.


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me. 

Thank you for your continued support.


Mrs Gallagher