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Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet Life at Our Lady of Lourdes School Barnet
  • Year 3 and Year 4 Easter Play is on Wednesday 28th March at 7pm


Mrs Gallagher

Photos of our Christmas Nativity!


Curriculum Information for Reception Parents and Carers – Spring Term 2018

Personal, Social and Emotional Development: This half term we will be focusing on developing relationships.  We will work on playing with different groups of children and talking to others when playing with them.  We will work on incorporating stories into our play.

We want the children to become independent and active learners and, with your support, encourage them to hang their coats up, put away their book bags and put their packed lunch boxes on the trolley etc. by themselves.  


The Religion topic for this half term is Being a Sacramental People.  Learning opportunities include:

  • Coming to know that God loves each one always and at all times
  • Experiencing that a Church is a special place where God’s people gather to pray
  • Coming to know that Jesus helps us to choose the good
  • Experiencing liturgical celebrations in a variety of simple settings
  • Experiencing and recognise prayer is talking and listening to God
  • Learning to say ‘sorry’

At home you may have a special place, or item, which ‘makes present’ someone you have lost. Share this place/item and feeling with your child. Sit with your child and go through old photo albums. Tell the stories of what the photos captured and remember and ‘make present’ the love and friendship that they contain.

An idea for prayer at home                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            God who is with us every day.

May we be open to your warmth as the sun on our backs, your love as the hug of a friend, your joy as the smile of a stranger. Help us to remember that you are with us every day and in all things great and small.


Communication and Language: We are learning to write in sentences and retell stories verbally.  You can practise retelling a story with your child and ask them to talk about the character’s feelings at different points in the story. We will also continue to develop negotiation skills during play and learning how to express our feelings and emotions appropriately. Please support your child by encouraging them to speak in sentences and to extend the sentences by using ‘because’ to explain their ideas and thinking.  The best way to teach this is to model it regularly when talking yourselves and by asking your child to answer why questions.

Physical development: PE Days - Monday & Wednesday

In P.E we will be developing our ball handling skills. We will learn how to bounce, throw and catch a ball. We will complete obstacle courses and work on our jumping and hopping skills.  You can work on these skills at home with your child. 

We will continue with our Funky Fingers program which helps to develop motor skills for writing.

Literacy: We will be focusing on more traditional tales and looking at the different types of characters in stories. Our first focus story will be Jack and the Beanstalk.

Your child will receive a school reading book every week. It is important that they read their given book every night. Comments can be written in your child’s reading diary along with the date to show that you have read with your child. It is important that your child has exposure to different types of texts. You can help your child to choose a reading book from the school library and encourage them to choose fiction and non – fiction books.

We are moving on from writing names and words, this term to writing sentences.  If your child cannot write their name independently then it is important that you work on this at home with them. By the end of the spring term your child should be able to write at least three sentences that link together e.g. retelling part of a story. 

Mathematics: This term we will focus on writing numbers 1 – 20. 1 more and 1 less and solving problems. You could ask your child to paint numbers, write them with chalk or make them out of play dough. You can give your child a set of objects and ask them to add 1 more or take 1 away to find 1 less. Once they are able to do this, using objects, you can ask them to work out 1 more/less questions mentally.  You can ask your child problems that involve sharing, adding and subtracting. For example in a supermarket you could ask your child to share the items in the basket into 2 groups and make each have the same number of items. You could ask your child to add up the number of items on part of a shelf.

Understanding the World: We will be learning about animals and where they live. We will think about how the animals are adapted for their habitat e.g. polar bears have thick fur to keep them warm.

We will be planting beans and observing how they grow. We will be talking about different jobs that people do, the local environment and different places that people come from and what those places are like.

If any parents would like to come in to read a story from their home country to the children and maybe talk to the children aout where they come from, please come and speak to Mrs Gallagher to arrange this.

Expressive arts & design: We will look at mixing colours and developing our painting and drawing skills. We will work on using scissors correctly and using tools to join materials together.

Home learning:

Home learning will continue in the way that we have been doing it in the Autumn term. A sheet with a number of activities will be sent home with your child. It is important that you work with your child to complete the activities as they will help your child to make progress in their early years development. Books will be checked on a Thursday. You can leave them in the box by the door when you come in in the mornings. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to come and see me. 

Thank you for your continued support.

Mrs Gallagher