Useful Links

Useful Links

Year 4   Mrs McLaughlin

Click here for the "Welcome to Year 4" Power-Point presentation September 2020


Click here for the 'Y4 Multiplication Tables Check'  presentation November 2020 

(See below for website links to the online games)



 End of Year 4 Expectations

Year 4 Reading Expected 

Year 4 Reading at Greater Depth

Year 4 Writing Expected

Year 4 Writing at Greater Depth

Year 4 Maths Expected 

Year 4 Maths at Greater Depth


Websites for children to use at home to help with their learning (click on each link)
  Mathletics  SpellingShed MC Grammar songs   Oxford Owl - online free e-books
GoNoodle  White Rose workbooks Reading Eggs Read Theory

Websites to support the Multiplication Tables Check:

TT Rockstars Hit the button     Practice Multiplication Check

  Percy Parker BBC Super Movers