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Year 6   Mrs Bailey and Mrs Pinnock

End of Year 6 Expectations

Year 6 Reading Expected

Year 6 Reading at Greater Depth

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Year 6 Writing at Greater Depth

Year 6 Maths Expected

Year 6 Maths at Greater Depth 

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In March and April, Year 6 have enjoyed a day exploring Regent's Park for their topic 'Our Local Area' and have also visited Barnet Museum for their topic 'The Battle of Barnet'.   The children did a number of activities in Regent's Park, such as a human impact survey; an environmental quality survey; looking at the impact on the vegetation and how to use a compass.  At the Barnet Museum, the children learnt about the War of the Roses and re-enacted the Battle of Barnet.

Y6 Regent's Park and Barnet Museum

On Monday 31st January, Y6 enjoyed a wonderful trip to the National Gallery to learn more about a variety of artists and take part in a tour.  

Y6 National Gallery

On Friday 21st January, Year 6  enjoyed a Reading Pyjama Party!  Children could bring in their favourite book/books or choose a book that they liked from the school reading corners to recommend it to someone else.  We focused on the author Philip Pullman. They watched a BBC Live lesson which included interviews from cast members of the TV series 'His Dark Materials' and they looked at the characters and magical themes in the books. 

Y6 Reading

Y6 enjoyed a science workshop with Dangerous Dan from the Mad Science Club. We have been learning about light and did a chromatography activity by decorating lab coats; they explored light, shadow and diffraction, and watched an indoor firework chemical energy display.

Y6 Science Workshop