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RE/Art Competition 2018

The theme of our Art competition this year was, The Last Supper. This was also linked to our Spring 2 Religion topic, ‘From Lent to Easter’.

The children looked at the paintings of different artists depicting The Last Supper and talked about what they saw (content of the painting, artist, use of line, shape, form, tone, colour, texture and pattern.) They were also encouraged to develop their use of language e.g. describing marks made.

The children made preparatory studies, before working on their final piece.

There will be a display of examples of our Art work in the Hall.

Nursery looked at an El Salvador cross of The Last Supper. Each child drew his/ her own picture using felt tip pens on paper, cut in a cross shape.

The Reception children made mono- prints, using the images of the Chalice and Eucharist.


In Year 1 the children designed a two-colour repeated pattern, using their pictures of bread, grapes, Eucharist and Chalice drawn on polystyrene tiles. They based their drawings on the work by Sr. Mary Stephens.

Year 2 children looked at work of bread and wine studies by Sr. Mary Stephens and created their own versions of this art work. They used watercolours to make a wash for the background and then drew images of wheat and grapes with oil pastels on the foreground.


The children said that they enjoyed using the pastels to blend colours and create smudging effects.

Year 3 looked at the painting of Eucharist and Last Supper by Turvey Abbey and used the media of paint and black pen to create their own versions. They thought about scaling the picture down by using lines to guide them.

Year 3 said that getting the perspective right was tricky but fun and they loved all of it!

Year 4 studied the El Salvador cross of The Last Supper. They used the media of paint to complete their own paintings.

Year 4 enjoyed using paint and mixing colours.

Year 5 looked at bread and wine studies by Sr. Mary Stephens. They selected parts of the painting which they found interesting, to create their own pictures on this theme. The children used the media of oil pastels.

Year 5 said that they enjoyed all of it and learnt lots of skills when they tried to blend different colours together.  

Year 6 completed their paintings based on the Eucharist and Last Supper by Turvey Abbey. They thought about recreating the movement of marks they had observed in the art work. They used paint and oil pastels.